The Capital Fitness Vision: Individually
tailored, client focused personal training, expertly delivered in a luxury boutique environment.

Our approach

All Capital Fitness personal trainers are passionate about delivering the best results possible using evidence-backed methodologies, these skills and methods are tailored and fine tuned to each client. We believe that no two clients are the same, therefore each client’s health and fitness journey should be as unique as they are.

We base our work on four simple concepts – continue scrolling!

The very best trainers

We recruit talented personal trainers from the US and Europe who are at the peak of their profession.

Guidance and advice based on science, not fads

Our clients are usually surprised at how effective their training became after joining Capital Fitness. We use science-backed methods and stay up to date on the latest research.

Sensitivity to the goals and challenges of every client

We not only train you physically, we help you really understand your programme, so you’ll benefit for years to come.

100% commitment to premium service

We’ve built a custom facility you’ll love training in, and our staff meet world-class service standards.

Our method

Read The Capital Fitness Method to learn more about how we help clients achieve their goals.

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