Fat Loss

Fast weight loss with lasting results.

Losing fat doesn’t have to mean suffering or not enjoying your life. We can help you achieve the physique you want and help you keep it.

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Common fat loss mistakes

The principles behind fat loss are simple – move more and eat less.

However, in practice there are several common obstacles that can throw you off track.

  • Setting unrealistic goals and following quick fix diets.
  • Doing too much cardio.
  • Doing too little strength training.
  • Not tracking food and underestimating what you eat.
  • Thinking that healthy food is automatically low calorie.
  • Not eating enough protein.
  • Not tracking your weight.
  • Not having a support structure.

Our approach to fat loss

Our personal trainers are experts in fast fat loss and every session is tailored to your unique situation. 

  • We simplify the fat loss process by tackling each persons’ own challenges.
  • We will choose effective exercises to maximise fat loss with minimum muscle loss.
  • We will show you how to make better food choices and incorporate eating strategies into your daily lifestyle.
  • We will track and adjust your plan based on your progress.
  • We will educate you on how to maintain your new routines and physique even during less active periods.  

Expert support & guidance

Nutrition is by far the hardest part of any fat loss journey.

We understand the challenges people face when trying to lose fat. Our support structures will help and guide you every step of the way.

The key is to learn to eat in a way that is minimally disruptive to your lifestyle, but structured enough to achieve your desired results.

We use technology to track your eating habits in detail, allowing us to identify optimal substitutes and food strategies.

Our trainers have helped many clients get a new life and we are here to support you every step of the way!


Fat Loss


AED 399 / session

Every training session will be tailored to maximise your fat loss. Your personal trainer will motivate and support you to stay on track with your exercise & nutrition programmes.

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VIP Fat Loss


AED 499 / session

For clients who want the highest level of privacy, we offer a fully equipped VIP training room, where you can play your own music and enjoy full peace of mind. 

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12 Week Transformation

AED 7499 / month

Our 12-week body transformation package combines our three key strategies; support and guidance, periodised strength and hypertrophy and customised training programmes.

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Ladies Only Zone

Our new ladies-only section is available for all individual sessions

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We let the results speak for themselves.

I trained with Roma and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She showed me how to lose weight while still being able to enjoy life. I have maintained the weight loss I achieved with her. I had a back injury due to a car accident and she supported me fully, by adapting my training programme, to get my strength back in a safe and practical way. Dilki and Ruffa the receptionists are friendly and welcoming, Dilki makes a great cup of tea. The facilities are amazing and its never crowded.

Thank you Roma for being my motivation when I had none.


I have never experienced anything like this. I never was a gym person, but thanks to CF, they positively changed me. I’m much healthier now, fit and feel great! Best investment I made and strongly recommend CF!


I absolutely love this place! It’s the best fitness journey experience in Abu Dhabi! I also highly recommend MJ as personal trainer, one of the best trainers I’ve ever had. MJ is brilliant, very experienced, will push you beyond your limits while maintaining the fun within a workout


Best gym experience ever. The team are just great during the sessions and are the reason for my body and soul transformation. I would recommend Capital Fitness for people seeking change and need to workout in a luxurious, clean place.


A stellar experience... a must try in Abu Dhabi for anyone looking to make a dramatic change in their lives and overall get the energy you have been craving. The owner has a great attitude and the staff always makes sure you are on the right track to your goals. You are without a doubt in good hands!


Been working out here for almost eight months now and it is by far the best gym experience I've had.


A refreshing approach to fitness! The trainers are super certified and offer you programmes that are realistic and guaranteed to create an impact.

There's a members only mobile app that makes managing your workouts and tracking your progress super easy.

The facilities are top-notch (Molton Brown products in the changing room - yay!), the staff super friendly and parking is super easy. Def one to try / join!


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