Personal Trainer

Calum Barbour


  • Certified II Fitness Professional
  • Certified III Personal Fitness Coaching
  • Pn1 Nutrition Coaching
  • Hypertrophy specific training
  • Fat loss specific training
  • Experience in Road Cycling


Hello, my name is Calum and I’m a 29 year old fitness enthusiast.
I originally come from Scotland but have recently emigrated to Abu Dhabi. I’m so far loving life in the UAE and I am very thankful to be given this opportunity to work for Capital Fitness.

I have been a type 1 diabetic for that past 20 years but I haven’t let that stop me from achieving my fitness goals.

Training is my passion, I live it, breathe it and dream it. I have been training in the gym consistently for the past seven years and have been a competitive amateur road cyclist for the last two. I have a background in training for hypertrophy, fat loss and strength. My niche is working with clients who want to transform their bodies, reducing body fat, building muscle and improving overall confidence and happiness in themselves.

It doesn’t matter how big your goals are, I will always give you 100%.
Not only will I train your body, but I will support your long-term goals by educating and passing on the knowledge you need to live a healthier, leaner lifestyle.

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