Personal Training Memberships


PT+ is our core Personal Training membership. You will be trained by an elite trainer who will guide and support you through your fitness journey, helping you achieve the best results possible.

If you want the highest level of privacy, we recommend our VIP membership.

Success stories

Best gym experience ever. The team are just great and my trainer did a great job during the sessions and he was the reason for my body and soul transformation. I would recommend Capital Fitness for people seeking change and need to workout in a luxurious, clean place.


Invest in your body!

Experience a truly bespoke training and nutrition programme tailored to your individual fitness and lifestyle goals – all supported by a world-class trainer! At Capital Fitness, you will be training one-on-one with your trainer to develop a sustainable nutrition plan that is scientifically proven to see long-term results. You will also receive exclusive access to our Capital Fitness app to stay on track with 24/7 support from your trainer, ensuring you meet all of your fitness goals. End your workout with a complimentary protein shake from our front-of-house team and leave with the confidence that you are fully supported in your healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss

We are proud to have helped hundreds of people lose fat and keep it off for good.

Proven methods

We use the latest science-backed methods to help our clients achieve the results they want.

Body transformation expertise

Our trainers are experts in helping people transform their physique for the long term. 

Improved health

Our programmes lead to lifestyle changes that improve your general health and fitness.


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Intensity guide

2 sessions per week

Expert training for the time poor, this package is ideal for those who are committed to training on their own but lack direction or are new to fitness and are just exploring personal training for the first time. You will have two personal training session per week with your trainer, a programme to work on between sessions if required, and ongoing support via the Capital Fitness App.

3-4 sessions per week

Training with your coach three or four times per week. This is the ideal package for those wanting to get results whilst fitting training into a busy schedule. Every session will be expertly guided by your trainer. You’ll be working with a bespoke tailored programme and fully supported beyond each session.

5 sessions per week

The ultimate transformative package for those wanting big results, fast.
If you have very specific or time sensitive goals in mind then you may require more time with us. This fully immersive package has you training with us five times per week, making it ideal for serious sports performance, muscle gain and fat loss results. Those that can commit to this high frequency training approach will achieve quicker results, forming better and more sustainable lifestyle habits.

How does it work?

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Programme setup

Your trainer will build a 100% customised training and nutrition programme for you. Your fitness goals and ambitions will determine how much training you will need.

Work it

You and your trainer will work together towards your goals. You will start seeing results after the first few sessions.


Your trainer will assess your progress using various means that are specific and useful to you and your goals, offering you support that goes beyond the training sessions.
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